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Digital complaints box for staff

Digital complaints box for staff

You can use this digital desk to process your complaint or appeal or objection against a decision. Complaints, appeals or objections should be submitted in accordance with the relevant regulations, and not through this information desk! The regulations also provide information regarding the conditions and time frames that apply to the contents of these procedures.

Objecting to a decision

If you wish to object to a written decision that affects your interests directly – for example, if you have received a negative appraisal or been informed that your position will cease to exist. 

Confidential counsellor unacceptable behaviour

You can discuss your problem with this person In a confidential setting, and together find a possible solution. In addition, you can also file a complaint with the Complaints Committee set up specifically for this purpose.

All about Academic Integrity

It is essential that all universities adhere to the principle of integrity in academic practice. Academic research must enjoy the full trust of other researchers and of society.

Confidential Counsellors

Confidential Counsellor for Personnel Affairs, Confidential Counsellor on Undesirable Behaviour, Complaint Committee for Undesirable Behaviour.

Confidential Counsellor for Personnel Issues

In the course of their working relation with the University, it is not uncommon for staff members to questions or problems. These issues can usually be resolved through direct discussion between the staff member and his or her supervisor, but in some cases this fails to provide a solution. If you find it difficult (or impossible) to bring your problem to light via the usual channels, you can talk to the confidential counsellor.