Confidential Counsellor for Personnel Issues

In the course of their working relation with the University, it is not uncommon for staff members to questions or problems. These issues can usually be resolved through direct discussion between the staff member and his or her supervisor, but in some cases this fails to provide a solution. If you find it difficult (or impossible) to bring your problem to light via the usual channels, you can talk to the confidential counsellor. He may be able to help you with the following kinds of issues:

  • Problems (in communication) with your supervisor and/or colleagues 
  • Changes in your work or in the organisation, possibly as a result of a reorganisation, in your opinion, which has had some improper or unjust consequences
  • Abuses in your direct work environment which you do not dare bring into the open issues does

The confidential counsellor is available to all persons employed by the University and is responsible for advising staff members regarding the problems listed above. He will try to ensure that these issues can (once again) be discussed openly, and in this way contribute to resolving them.

When a staff member submits a problem to the confidential counsellor, the counsellor will first ascertain whether the issue is already being handled by the authorities/officials responsible. If that is the case, the situation will be discussed with these authorities in consultation with the person concerned.

The confidential counsellor is not authorised to act in place of the regular authorities or in the standard procedures; he does not get involved in the normal course of proceedings, nor does he act as counsellor in objection and appeal procedures.

Confidential counsellor

Drs. J.H.W. (Jan) Maassen is the confidential counsellor at Leiden University. He has an office at the Health, Safety and Environment Department (VGM).

You can contact the confidential counsellor by telephone:

Drs. J.H.W. (Jan) Maassen

Poortgebouw Zuid (Gate Building South), 3rd floor
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden
Tel: +31 (0)71 527 8015


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Last Modified: 12-06-2017