Confidential counsellor unacceptable behaviour

You can discuss your problem with this person in a confidential setting, and together find a possible solution. In addition, you can also file a complaint with the Complaints Committee set up specifically for this purpose. On the basis of the Regulation on Complaints relating to Undesirable Behaviour measures can be taken against a person accused of such behaviour.

Tasks of the confidential counsellor

  • Providing information regarding undesirable behaviour
  • Guiding the person filing a complaint and providing him or her with advice
  • Trying through mediation to come to a solution for the problem, i.e. a way for the undesirable behaviour to end
  • Supporting the person in filing a complaint with the complaints committee
  • Providing aftercare

Confidential Counsellor

Ms. Drs. M.C. Bleeker
Safety, Environment and Health Department (VGM)
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden
Telephone 071 527 8015 / 526 8015

Confidential Counsellor


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Last Modified: 12-06-2017