Confidential Counsellors

If you run into a problem, there a number of options open to you. We advise you always to first try to come to a satisfactory solution together with the person in question. If approaching the problem in this way fails to lead to a solution, or if you are reluctant to speak to the person in question, you can enlist the help of one of the following authorities, depending on the nature of the issue:

Confidential Counsellor for Personnel Affairs
If you have a problem that cannot - or cannot easily - be resolved through the usual channels, you can enlist the help of the Confidential Counsellor for Personnel Affairs.  

Confidential Counsellor on Undesirable Behaviour
For incidents involving undesirable behaviour such as harassment (including sexual harassment), bullying in the workplace, aggression, violence or discrimination, you can contact the Confidential Counsellor on Undesirable Behaviour.
Complaint Committee for Undesirable Behaviour
You can file a formal complaint regarding undesirable behaviour with this committee. This complaint may in turn lead to disciplinary measures being taken.
Complaint Committee for Undesirable Behaviour


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Last Modified: 12-06-2017