Co-participation by students and staff


Co-participation bodies have consultation rights relating to the University’s strategic plan.

  • They serve as a body for consultation, advice, information and communication.
  • They promote the well-being of staff and students.
  • They guard against discrimination on whatever grounds.
  • They promote equal treatment of men and women, and equal participation by persons with a functional disability and by ethnic minorities.

Faculty Council and University Council

In line with article 9.37 of the Higher Education Act (WHW), the Faculty Council has the same consultation and advisory rights as the University Council for ‘central’ issues.

Staff and students

The co-participation possibilities for students are in formal terms more limited than for staff (including with regard to the right of consent and involvement of the Employment Inspectorate). As co-participation within Leiden University is structured through a single body, the University Council, there is in practice little difference between staff and students.

Last Modified: 14-09-2010