Time schedule 2017

Election Schedule

13 March              
reference date and deciding electoral registers  
14 and 15 March 
candidate nomination, inspection of electoral registers and submission of requests for improvement of electoral registers at relevant polling station   

16 March  
decisions by polling stations with respect to candidate nominations and requests for improvement of electoral registers (appeal possible on 20 and 21 March; decision regarding appeal 23 March 2017)    
20 and 21 March
correcting oversights in candidate nominations     

22 March
decision of polling stations regarding rectifying oversights in candidate nominations (appeal possible on 27 and 28 March; decision regarding appeal 30 March 2017)   

15 May    
sending out electronic summons; opening elections (09.00 hrs)  
19 May           
closing of the elections (16.00 hrs)  
29 May 
election results (appeal possible from 30 May - 2 June; decision regarding appeal 6-9 June 2017)

Who is entitled to vote?

Anyone who has an employment contract on 13 March 2017 (the reference date) with Leiden University in one of the units where the elections are held as well as anyone – with the exception of external or guest students - who is enrolled on this date as a student. This group must therefore be included in the electoral registers.

Student assistants exercise their right to vote in principle with regard to the student section. Other students employed by the University exercise their right to vote with regard to the staff section. Persons employed by NWO, FOM or other comparable organisations and working at the university are also entitled to vote; they are advised to check whether they have been included in the electoral registers during the inspection period.

You can check whether you are included in the electoral registers by visiting the polling station on 14 or 15 March 2017 between 9am and 4pm; on these days you can also submit a request for improving the electoral registers.

Candidate nomination

If you are interested in playing an active role in co-participation, you can put yourself forward as a candidate on 14 or 15 March 2017. The relevant forms can be obtained from the polling stations and at www.stemmen.leidenuniv.nl

The polling stations will announce their decisions regarding candidate nominations on 16 March 2017. If there are any oversights that can be corrected – such as the lack of a sufficient number of signatures from voters to support a candidate nomination – ample room to do so is provided in the above-mentioned schedule.


If you disagree with the decision of a polling station with respect to candidate nomination or the improvement of electoral registers, you may submit an appeal against the decision to the Chamber for Elections of the Committee for Objections and Appeals (Rapenburg 70 in Leiden).

The above schedule also provides the opportunity to appeal against decisions regarding the correction of oversights in candidate nominations. Such appeals should be submitted to the Chamber for Elections.

Internet voting

Elections take place entirely by internet. In order to vote, you should use your ULCN account. You can use this account to log in to the election application from 15 May (09.00 hrs) onwards. You can vote until 19 May 2017 (16.00  hrs) at the latest. You can vote from any computer with an internet connection.

Polling stations

The elections are organised by different polling stations, see Overzicht stembureaus (in Dutch). For more information, please contact the Central Voting Office (Centraal StemBureau).

Last Modified: 14-02-2017