BeP (students)

BeP, the abbreviation of the students' party Bewust en Progressief ('Aware and Progressive'), is represented in the University Council and on various Faculty Councils.

CSL (students)

The Christian Students' Party Leiden (CSL) is a student party which has for many years been represented in the University Council (UR). The CSL devotes itself to the entire university community and endeavours to consider all interests and to arrive at the best possible solution.

LVS (students)

The List Progressive Students (LVS) is a young and diverse student party and looks after the interests of all types of students in an active manner. The LVS is a pragmatic party which is looking for cooperation wherever possible and takes the initiative when necessary.

SGL (students)

Vote effectively! Vote SGL Do you want to do more than just to study? Whether you become a member of a student association, join a sports club or want to start a second subject: SGL will make a stand for those students who want to develop their talents in all kinds of ways. We are supported in these aims by many study groups and student associations.

Universitair Belang (staff)

For ‘Universitair Belang’ (‘for the good of the university’), quality is essential: quality in education, research and management. For this we need talented and motivated staff and students, and good governance. ‘Universitair Belang’ represents all  staff in its diversity in the University Council.

PhDoc (staff)

PhDoc wants to help PhD candidates attain their primary goal: to become a successful researcher and teacher.