AbvaKabo FNV (staff)

  • Improving the quality and influence of employee participation;
  • Stimulating an open and honest communication not only among employees, but also between employees and management levels;
  • Enhancing transparency in appointment and promotion procedures;
  • Evaluating and recognising performances in teaching as well as in research, so that teaching performances are taken into account for career planning and career guidance and quality of teaching will be guaranteed;
  • Lowering the work pressure by the realisation of an acceptable and proportional teacher-student rate throughout the faculties;
  • Protecting the Dutch language in academia, including a re-evaluation of Dutch language publications, besides introducing the English language into the BAMA programme;
  • Advocating a solid emancipation policy to ensure a well-proportioned division of the labour market as well as realistic career prospects for women;
  • Promoting a deliberate policy for older employees;
  • Advocating a policy for PhD students including evaluation of the supervisors on the quality of their guidance and support.
Website: AbvaKabo FNV (in Dutch)

Last Modified: 20-05-2015