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Students - Bewust en Progressief (BeP)

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BeP, the Dutch acronym means being Aware and Progressive, is the largest student co-participation party at Leiden University. We represent all students at this university and believe it is of prime importance that all students can develop their talents in their own way. The university must give students the opportunity and flexibility to attend extra courses, go abroad, do an internship or get extra tutoring. Besides this, we aim for a sustainable university which considers the future and which will become a financially healthy company again with wise investments.

To give you some examples of issues that BeP devotes itself to:
All tutors and professors must aim for the highest quality in teaching. New lecturers will have to pass the Basic Qualification in Teaching (BKO) and the quality standards of present lecturers will be achieved and maintained with the introduction of a Senior Qualification in Teaching (SKO). This standard also applies to lecturers giving tutorials. The quality of lecturers is of prime importance in a university that aims to inspire and to motivate. A university that decides to choose for talent needs talented lecturers and tutors. To have talented students you have to have talented lecturers!

The university has to invest more in policies to promote sustainability, including such measures as double-sided printing and insulation of buildings. These measures will more than repay themselves in the future, and will be a clear signal to other parts of society.
Leiden is a classical university with many opportunities for individual students to develop their talents. It is vital that unique combination studies and the co-operation with the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague are maintained. These opportunities are unique and highly valuable.

You come to Leiden as a student in order to study. The university has to provide proper opportunities for this. It is therefore particularly strange and inconvenient that quiet places to study, such as the University Library or Plexus, are not open as often as we would like. Only being able to study from 13.00 to 17.00 on Sundays is no way to treat students. We advocate having at least one place in Leiden available for study from 08.00 to 24.00 every day. 
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Last Modified: 20-05-2015