CSL (students)

Christian Student Party Leiden (CSL)

The Christian Student Party Leiden (CSL) is a student party which has for many years been represented in the University Council (UR). The CSL devotes itself to the entire university community and endeavours to consider all interests and to arrive at the best possible solution.
We do this by means of thorough preparation and a constructive attitude during our meetings. We put the interest of students looking for an excellent scientific training first and we find it important that there are enough opportunities for development.
CSL works on the basis of Christian principles, which expresses itself in the way we co-participate and in the foundation of our opinions.

Four points are crucial to us:
-         responsibility (for decisions taken)
-         trusting (others)
-         solidarity (with the vulnerable)
-         helpfulness (towards the university community)  

We stand up for groups of students who have fewer possibilities within the university. Besides, we find it important that the university uses its expertise for the well-being of society. 

In the past, CSL has dedicated itself to:

  • Preventing a rise in the requirements for the BSA (binding study advice)
  • Maintaining the possibility to take resits
  • Easing of the admission requirements for master’s programmes
  • Attention to ethical matters and academic integrity – which resulted in the introduction of Turnitin, a programme to detect plagiarism
  • Achieving longer opening hours at the University Library and Plexus during exam periods
  • Monitoring the financial situation of the university, especially regarding the quality of education

The CSL is now represented in the University Council by Edward Mauritz and Christine van Zuijlen. 

1. Edward Mauritz
2. Christine van Zuylen
3. Mattea de Muijnck
4. Eline van Houdt
5. Jan Pieter Bos 

Last Modified: 20-05-2015