LVS (students)

List Progressive Students (LVS) 2009: Allow talent to choose!

The List Progressive Students (LVS) is a young and diverse student party and looks after the interests of all types of students in an active manner. The LVS is a pragmatic party which is looking for cooperation wherever possible and takes the initiative when necessary. This attitude can be illustrated by the way the LVS has established itself the past three years in the different Councils.

On one hand the LVS have been always willing to converse with the university governing board or the governing board of a faculty, but with a critical attitude.
On the other hand the LVS also takes initiative, for example by undertaking surveys under students. In this way we can appeal to the governing boards where the attention must go out to. Because of these surveys, we found out that students encountered problems with facilities, the offering of masters and support for training periods and studying abroad.

The LVS does not embody a certain ideology, but is a party with a vision. We fight for a university which supports the students in an active manner and trough proper support. According to the LVS, the main priority of the university is the students and it must offer all possibilities to its students for development. This means that we require a high level of both the facilities and the professors. This is the voice of the LVS that we want to speak out in the councils.

Therefore vote for List Progressive students!

Main points:

  1. Investments in durable energy pays off.
  2. A place where you can study 24/7.
  3. Study support wherever you need it and a better supply of information.
  4. More flexible and diverse master programmes.
  5. An international university that expands your world and offers broader course options.

Last Modified: 20-05-2015