SGL (students)

Studenten Groepering Leiden (SGL)

Vote effectively! Vote SGL

Do you want to do more than just to study? Whether you become a member of a student association, join a sports club or want to start a second subject: SGL will make a stand for those students who want to develop their talents in all kinds of ways. We are supported in these aims by many study groups and student associations.
The University wants more students to complete their study and in a shorter time by means of introducing compulsory attendance at lectures, raising the BSA requirements (Binding Study Advice) and making compensation between different subjects possible. These are not the solutions SGL has in mind! The way the subject matter is handled in lectures and tutorials should be much more inspiring and much more accessible. No wonder students sometimes feel demotivated and results are disappointing. The teaching should be challenging and the lecturers inspiring! This is the way to make sure you get the most out of your study.  
The SGL will keep fighting for freedom for students to make their own choices regarding their years at university! We do this not by simply complaining that things ought to be different, but by suggesting good alternatives. We argue, for example, that you ought to be able to start your master’s if you have a maximum of 15 ECTS deficiency.

Without any religious foundation, without noisy campaigns, but very pragmatic: that's SGL! 

Last Modified: 20-05-2015