Universitair Belang (staff)

For ‘Universitair Belang’ (‘for the good of the university’), quality is essential: quality in education, research and management. For this we need talented and motivated staff and students, and good governance. ‘Universitair Belang’ represents all  staff in its diversity in the University Council.

International University

  • Internationalisation demands nuance. In some areas of science it improves quality of research and education, in other areas the Dutch context is vital. Either way information flows need to be perfect in both Dutch and English.

  • University Council sessions, meetings with the Executive Board and decision making in representation take place in the Dutch context, and so will be in Dutch/we use the Dutch language. Communication about representation can be done in Dutch and English, so that all employees can participate.


  • Quality inspires, so good lecturers are essential. How can we facilitate them, keep their work load manageable and motivate them to continuously improve their teaching?

  • Every university lecturer needs a tailormade career plan, in which they can make their own choices regarding education and research.

  • 'Universitair Belang’ expects our students to take the responsibility for their own academic career.


  • The societal impact of research output is important. We consider it essential to facilitate our researchers to put their research findings to good use in societal, cultural and economic contexts.

  • Good research meets all requirements of scientific integrity. This should be better embedded in education, from bachelor programmes to PhD projects. Scientific integrity needs to become a natural part of doing research.

  • We stand by high quality research, not publication fetishism.


  • Professional and efficient management is of great importance in our university. Standardising work procedures should not harm high quality service and customer relations.

  • Support staff should also be provided with an attractive and challenging workplace.

Vital Organisation

  • The university is a professional organisation. We encourage HRM to provide opportunities for both professional and personal development for all employees.

  • Leiden University is the bastion of liberty, in which everybody is welcome and should feel at home. The diverse population stimulates quality.

  • ‘Universitair Belang’ tries to find synergy and added value through cooperation. Examples are the Medical Delta and the lectures, organised nationwide,  in the Mastermath programme.

  • Quantified policy formulation is essential, because this improves decision making. Every policy formulation should include the expected effects on personnel, finances and work procedures, as there are large differences in execution in small, medium and large work units.


Questions and remarks are always welcome: Gwen Wolters (chair).

Last Modified: 12-05-2014