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PhDoc wants to help PhD candidates attain their primary goal: to become a successful researcher and teacher.

10 reasons to support PhDoc

Vote for…
1. A broad representation of the interests of PhDs, students and staff.
2. A critical assessment of PhD policy, as well as the PhD regulations and guidelines.
3. An improvement of the skill courses offered to PhDs.
4. Resistance against the ‘bursary experiment’.
5. An improvement of the preparation and supervision for PhDs who are teaching courses.
6. A vote for contract PhDs and external PhDs.
7. An improvement of the career perspectives of PhDs and postdocs.
8. A PhD counsellor who understands the problems and challenges that PhDs face.
9. The opportunity for PhDs and postdocs to obtain the Basic Teaching Qualification.
10. An optimalisation of the organisation of the Graduate Schools at Leiden University.

Looking back 2014-2016

From 2014-2016, PhDoc had two seats in the University Council, held by Gareth O'Neill (party leader
2014-2016), Jantine Brussee (2014-2015), and Wieneke Jansen (2015-2016). PhDoc has been very active in the University Council during the past two years: • We are participating in the national resistance against the bursary experiment and effectuated the withdrawal of Leiden University from the experiment.
• We have expressed our criticism of the new PhD regulations and guidelines for internal PhDs and contract PhDs.
• We have put the needs and problems of contract PhDs and external PhDs on the University agenda and we have requested voting rights for contract PhDs.
• We have not only actively and consequently represented the interests of PhDs and postdocs in policy making, but we have also defended the needs of students and staff.
• We have composed a detailed statement on important PhD issues, which will now be tackled in collaboration with our successors by university task forces.


PhDoc aims to keep its two seats in the University Council for the period of 2016-2018. At the top of our party list are Sasha Sabbah-Goldstein of FGW/LIAS (no. 1) and Charlotte de Roon of FGGA/CRK (no. 2).

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, now or after the elections.
Support PhDoc during the coming elections and vote for one of our candidates during election week: 9 - 13 May 2016!

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