Real Estate Directorate

Leiden University owns an extensive real estate portfolio (400,000 m², 80 buildings). The portfolio is very diverse, ranging from historic premises in the centre of Leiden to highly advanced research laboratories in the Leeuwenhoek.


The Real Estate directorate advises the Executive Board on policies relating to accommodation and property. The directorate also manages investment projects, real estate transactions, maintenance activities, energy and local development.

Organisation structure

Drs. M. Leenders, 071 527 3060

Deputy Director
F.F.J. Poppelier, 071 527 3077

Ms E. Vermeulen, 071 527 3060
Ms A. van Bergen en Henegouwen, 071 527 3090 
Ms W. v.d. Geest-Meeuwis, 071 527 3038

The Real Estate directorate is divided into three departments:

Real Estate Management and Development (VOB)(in Dutch)
Technical Management and projects (TBP)(in Dutch)
Planning and financiel administration (PFB) (in Dutch)

Last Modified: 23-09-2013