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Student and Educational Affairs

Student and Educational Affairs (SEA)Bestuur & Organisatie

Within Leiden University, the SEA expertise centre provides services and products to all students, both domestic and international, relating to admission, enrolment and general assistance. In addition, SEA is responsible for a large number of facilities relating to students and teaching.

Admissions Office & Scholarships

The Admissions Office is responsible for processing all applications for admissions (Bachelor, Master, Exchange and Study Abroad). The Admissions Office applies for visa for international students. In addition, the office provides information to international students about all necessary steps to take before coming to Leiden or The Hague and ensures international students receive assistance after they arrive in the Netherlands. Scholarships is managing funds and grants for arriving and departing (international) students.

Front Office Student Affairs

The Front Office is the first point of contact for (international) students and intermediaries who have questions concerning applications and student (de)registration for study programmes at Leiden University, as well as all other related matters. The Front Office has a help desk, two telephone assistance lines and an extensive online enquiry service.

Housing Office

Leiden University’s Housing Office helps international bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students, exchange and Study Abroad students, as well as visiting researchers/staff find accommodation in either Leiden or The Hague.  

International Relations

The department of International Relations promotes and organises international student mobility. We do this by providing advice to students wishing to study abroad and through the admission and support of international exchange students in Leiden and The Hague. We also advise faculties about the acquisition of EU educational subsidies and the establishment of international cooperation agreements. The department, comprising 6.3 FTE, consists of two teams: “Mobility” and “Partnerships and Projects”.

LAK Course office

The LAK Course office offers a diversity of classes in the education of the arts like drama- and singing classes, different styles of dance, 'fine arts' courses, digital photography and creative writing courses. The aim of the LAK is to offer students the opportunity of artistic education.

Ombuds officer

The University Ombuds officer deals with complaints from students who believe they have not been treated fairly by a University staff member or administrative board. The Ombuds officer holds an independent position within the University and is also under obligation of secrecy, in order to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.  

Plexus Student Centre and University Shop

Plexus is the Latin word for nerve centre: it means both a collection and meeting point. At Plexus, students of Leiden University can find the desks of the Student Information Centre, the University shop, lecture rooms, meeting facilities and gym facilities.

Student Administration

Student Administration is responsible for the registration and de-registration of students (including contract students), registration for examinations and such financial matters as the collection and reimbursement of tuition fees.

Studium Generale

Studium Generale (SG) organises series of talks and lectures on topics of current interest. These lectures supplement the University’s departmental teaching and are of a more general nature.

Study and Student Support

The Study and Student Support department is responsible for services to students and for providing information to students and intermediaries. The focus is mainly on the fields of study and student problems, legal issues, training and career coaching. The department is staffed by Student psychologists, student counselors, and training and career consultants.

University Sports Centre (USC)

The USC aims to use physical education and sports (LV&S) to make a positive contribution to the development of those who participate, and to complement students’ academic training.