LAK Course office

The LAK Course office offers a diversity of classes in the education of the arts like drama- and singing classes, different styles of dance, 'fine arts' courses, digital photography and creative writing courses. The aim of the LAK is to offer students the opportunity of artistic education.

Students of Universiteit Leiden get a price reduction on the enrolment fees of our courses. Besides students, LAK courses are also open to others. More than 14 courses are taught in English so we can offer our International Students a great deal of cultural activities during their stay in Leiden.

A LAK course consists of 12 weekly lessons. All courses have a clear learning structure- and aim. There are 2 course series in an academic year. From September till December and from February till May. In general the performing arts conclude their courses with a performance on stage in the ‘LAKSuite’.


Visiting adress
Lipsius building

Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Phone: 071 527 2314 (mo t/m th 10h-16h)


Maaike Schoneveld: website, communication, administration
Willemieke Verweij: publicity, management studio’s and administration

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Last Modified: 24-11-2015