Council of Deans / Doctorate Board

The Deans and the Rector Magnificus (Chairman) together constitute the Council of Deans. The Council of Deans also acts as the Doctorate Board.

Area of responsibility

The Council of Deans, wth the Rector Magnificus as Chairman, acts as the Doctorate Board as referred to in article 9.10 of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW). The Doctorate Board confers doctorates and Honorary Doctorates. Conferral of the Honorary Doctorate as referred to in article 7.19, paragraph two of the Act, takes place at the proposal of the relevant Faculty Board, following consultation with the Executive Board.

The working method of the Council of Deans acting as Doctorate Board is described in the Leiden University PhD Regulations. The Doctorate Board is also responsible for advising the Executive Board regarding the issuing of an authorisation to establish an endowed chair. 

The Council of Deans also holds discussions relating to teaching and the scholarly practice. In line with article 3 of the Leiden University Management and Administration Regulation, the Council of Deans is involved in drawing up nominations for filling the position of Rector, and submitting such nominations to the Executive Board.

Postal address:
PO Box 9500, 2300 RA Leiden
Visiting address:
Rapenburg 70, 2311 EZ Leiden


Members of the Council of Deans


Professor C.J.M. Stolker, LL.M.

M. Wanders - van der Sanden, M.A. 

General members


The Council of Deans meets in principle on a monthly basis, on Thursday evenings in the Curator's Room in the Academy Building. The Council also acts as the Doctorate Board for the agenda item on 'PhD issues'.  The proposed agenda - that is also distributed outside the circle of the Council of Deans - and the papers for the meeting are issued on the Thursday (by the afternoon post) preceding the date of the meeting.

Information on the meeting schedule can be obtained from the secretary of the Council of Deans / Doctorate Board.

Office of the beadle (registrar)

The officer responsible, on behalf of the Doctorate Board, for appointing the dates for PhD defences is the beadle (registrar). The beadle can provide information on a range of matters relating to PhD defences

Office of the beadle (in Dutch)

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