Institutional Plan

The core values of Leiden University are set out in the 2015-2020 Institutional Plan: Freedom to Excel.

Core values

Leiden University's motto is Praesidium Libertatis, bastion of liberty.

The University has defined a number of core values, that apply to activities both within and outside the University:  

  • freedom of spirit, thought and opinion
  • freedom to carry out academic activities
  • societal responsibility
  • integritity

In their professional conduct, our academic staff base their actions and pronouncements on a sound scientific foundation. Both in academic and public debate, they adhere strictly to the criteria of academic integrity.

Students at our University develop into responsible academics. They are fully aware of the ethical consequences of scientific research and innovation, and of the effects of their activities on society.  We expect them to demonstrate responsible leadership within society, and to exemplify the core values of our University.  

2015-2020 Institutional Plan

Full text of Freedom to Excel

Last Modified: 06-07-2015